Dana Point and Your Community


For more information on how Dana Point can be a part of your community, please contact us by calling us at (209) 634-0044 or by filling out the “Contact us” page.

DANA POINT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  is a real estate development and investment company which acquires, invests, develops and operates market-rate and affordable housing communities.

As the need for housing varies in each community, one thing remains true for all – along with new living units comes the additional economic stimulus that goes far beyond just the construction sector. The “multiplier effect” is the boost to the economy when a dollar is spent in the community by Person A, which results in that dollar getting spent a second time by Person B, and so on. As that dollar moves through the local economy additional revenue gets created throughout all sectors. Looking at the bigger picture, as substantial dollars are invested and re-spent, new jobs get created and a new demand for housing is the result. And thus the cycle perpetuates.

At DANA POINT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  we are constantly exploring opportunities to expand our presence in in the communities in which we are already invested as well as into new cities and towns. If you feel there is a need for housing development in your area, we’d like to hear from you. Whether you are an individual, government or business, contact us to discuss how we can create quality housing in your locality. We work in conjunction with economic development groups balancing the need for housing with the need for jobs and economic growth. Our portfolio consists of projects big and small and both rental and for-sale housing. Whatever your needs, we’d be happy to discuss with you and discover what our investment can do in your community.