Mission Statement

DANA POINT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is a real estate development and investment company which acquires, invests and develops market rate and affordable housing communities.

Our mission is to, first and foremost, act with integrity in all of our dealings and interactions – both business and personal.  We strive to create long-lasting relationships and successful business ventures by aligning ourselves with partners and associates aiming for similar goals and objectives.

Our focus is to serve our customers creating developments with quality in mind and resulting in ultimate satisfaction for the end user.  At the same time, we will provide tangible and intangible value added benefits setting us apart from the competition.

Our business will grow and succeed through purposeful selection of new opportunities and through the diligent use and management of our resources.  We endeavor to diversify and expand our business through other real estate ventures that are complimentary to our experience and goals.

Our stakeholders include our families, our employees and co-workers, our business partners, our customers and clients, the residents who live in our communities, and the various government and private agencies, investors and lenders with whom we partner.  The goals of all stakeholders are important and relevant to our success and contribute to our overall vision.